Caldero is a typical dish from the Region of Murcia, especially from the coast of Cartagena and the Mar Menor area. It is rice cooked in a rock fish and ñora broth, which is served accompanied by a garlic and oil sauce called aioli. The name of the dish comes from the container in which it is cooked, which is a cast iron pot used by fishermen.

The origin of the cauldron dates back to the fishermen's outings, when they took advantage of discarded catches to prepare a dish with pepper, garlic, parsley, ñora and tomato with a fish base. With the passage of time, this fishermen's food became one of the greatest gastronomic attractions in Murcia. The caldero is a dish with an intense flavor, which reflects the essence of the sea and the Murcian orchard.

To prepare a good stew, you need Calasparra rice, which is the first rice in the world to obtain the Designation of Origin, and fresh rock fish, such as mullet, sea bream, chicken or sea bass. The broth is made with whitebait fish, which is discarded after all the substance has been extracted. In the same oil where the ñoras and fish heads are fried, sauté the tomato, garlic, parsley and salt. Add the broth and bring to a boil. When it comes to a boil, add the fish slices and lower the heat. When it boils again, turn off the heat and set aside the fish. In another container, boil the rice with the broth and cover it. Let it rest for a few minutes and serve it with the fish and aioli.

Caldero is one of the most popular dishes in the restaurants of Cabo de Palos, a picturesque fishing village located at the entrance to La Manga del Mar Menor. Cabo de Palos is famous for its lighthouse, its port, its beaches, and its cliffs. It is also an ideal place to practice diving, as it has one of the most important marine reserves in Europe.

I add images of the Cabo de Palos area where the restaurants El Miramar, La tana, la tavern del puerto, la bocana, el Pez rojo and el Mosqui are located. There you can enjoy quality gastronomy, based on seafood. and the garden, and with the cauldron as the protagonist: