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To process an order and reserve at flippa boat, it is essential to accept the following terms and conditions that regulate use and contracting:


The company that owns the web domain is X (hereinafter FLIPPA BOAT), with address for these purposes in X and with tax identification number X registered in the Commercial Registry. Contact email: info@flippaboat.es


Access and/or use of this FLIPPA BOAT portal attributes the condition of USER, who accepts, from said access and/or use, the General Conditions of Use reflected here. The USER declares that he or she is of legal age and has sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. As well as having read and understood their content. Likewise, you expressly accept and without exceptions that access and use of this website and its contents takes place under your sole and exclusive responsibility.

The USER can register as such, completing the form for this purpose, receiving an identifying USER name and a password. Which have a personal and non-transferable nature, which will allow the USER to formalize with FLIPPA BOAT the purchase of those products in which they are interested. Registration as a customer is free. The registered USER undertakes to use diligently and keep secret the password and USER name that will be assigned to access the services.

The USER will be responsible for the expenses and damages caused by the use of the services by any third party that uses their password and USER name for this purpose. Due to non-diligent use or loss of the same by the USER. To prevent this situation, in the event of losing your password and USER name, please immediately contact us to cancel the account and prevent its fraudulent use. Only one customer per delivery address is valid. Thus, the same customer may have different delivery addresses associated with the same USER account.


The USER who uses coupons or discount vouchers at FLIPPA BOAT must take into account that they may not be cumulative. Specifically, and by way of example and not limitation, the referral program coupons will not be cumulative. All discount coupons that FLIPPA BOAT provides by email or other digital means to its customers will have a maximum validity of 1 month unless otherwise specified.

The application of a voucher or discount coupon may be subject to a simultaneous purchase for a certain minimum amount. FLIPPA BOAT reserves the right to cancel coupons or discount vouchers when it observes fraudulent or improper use of the coupon generation system. It is considered fraudulent or improper use of the coupon discount system, among others, the sending of invitations between accounts. email from the same person or the use of coupons from the same campaign in different orders from the same USER or to be delivered to the same postal address, likewise, FLIPPA BOAT reserves the right to cancel all discount coupons associated with suspicious accounts of misuse of the coupon system.

The fact of using the same PayPal account to make payment for more than 1 order using the same discount coupon or using invitation discount coupons with the aim of self-invite, even if they are registered USERS with a different email account who share the same delivery address.


Likewise, the use of different email accounts for the use of the same coupon or discount voucher created and advertised as a coupon valid for a first purchase, and whose purchase is intended for the same USER, would be considered fraudulent use and/or or postal delivery address. Furthermore, in the particular case of discount coupons known as “paper coupons”, the USER may only use the same coupon code once per purchase. Likewise, this code can no longer be applied to subsequent purchases, allowing the use of one discount code per USER and/or delivery address.

Promotions, such as those advertised as free shipping, may be subject to the availability of the delivery service to the end customer provided directly by FLIPPA BOAT in certain postal codes. In any case, FLIPPA BOAT reserves the right to cancel those orders derived from the use of said coupons or discount vouchers, in which case it must return the amount of the canceled purchase, excluding any amount that corresponds to said coupons and that, therefore, , do not correspond to amounts actually disbursed by the USER.

The USER undertakes to use the flippaboat.es website in accordance with the Law, with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, morality, good customs, public order, and generally accepted uses, and is obliged to refrain from using the flippaboat.es website for illicit purposes or effects. The USER will be liable for any damages of any kind that FLIPPA BOAT may suffer as a result of non-compliance with any of the obligations to which it is subject by these Terms and Conditions.


The USER has the possibility of placing all their orders from the Internet page: www.flippaboat.es Each FLIPPA BOAT USER declares that they have full capacity to use credit cards and Paypal accounts, and declare that they have sufficient funds to cover all costs resulting from the purchase of products through flippaboat.es. By pressing the “Pay” button during the purchase process, the USER declares to fully and unreservedly accept all of these Terms and Conditions.

The data recorded by FLIPPA BOAT constitute proof of the transactions made between flippaboat.es and the USER. FLIPPA BOAT will confirm your order by sending you an email. The contractual information of the sale is presented in Spanish. Shipping costs will be calculated based on the characteristics of the products of each order.

All taxes are included in the prices of our products. FLIPPA BOAT reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, but products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of order registration (subject to product availability). FLIPPA BOAT reserves the right to reject an order from any USER with whom it has a dispute.


FLIPPA BOAT will do everything possible to satisfy all its USERS in the demand for the products. If the product is not available after the order has been placed, the USER will be informed of this fact either by email or by telephone - to the telephone number that the USER has registered - and will be given a choice between. Either cancel the entire order, or modify it including the corresponding financial amount. In that case, the speed of the return to the customer's bank account will depend on the type of card used in the purchase and the conditions of each bank.


Payment for purchases is made by bank card, direct transfer, Bizum or PayPal. Accepted bank cards are: Visa and MasterCard. In the event that the POS (Point of Sale Terminal) reports that the card has been denied, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

* Update 01/01/2020 


PSD2 is the new European directive that regulates the provision of payment services and electronic payment transactions. It was transposed into Spanish legislation by Royal Decree Law 19/2018. In FLIPPA BOAT it affects purchases paid with Bank Card, Bizum or Paypal. 

Among the main objectives of PSD2 are the improvement of online security and the reinforcement of protection against fraud in banking operations carried out over the internet. Among the main security measures is the mandatory application of the merchant's Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in all e-commerce purchases from January 1, 2021, as long as any of the exemptions do not apply provided in the standard. 

This reinforced authentication forces the application of 2 factors to choose between: one thing that the user knows (for example, the password), one that the user has (for example, the mobile phone) and another that is (for example, the fingerprint or the face). ). The first will no longer be valid as before, but 2 will be necessary (double authentication or SCA). The secure purchase process will depend on the issuing bank, and may consist of the code you receive with SMS + a second factor, or validation through from your bank's App. Please check the operations at your bank to be prepared before making your next purchases.


For your security, FLIPPA BOAT has trusted the payment system by credit card to a payment gateway. The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the bank's servers and are subsequently verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse. This data entry procedure is guaranteed by 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, one of the most advanced and effective protection systems currently available, thanks to which no third party will have access via the Internet to this relative information. to the bank details entered by the client.

Only the Bank and PayPal have access to the bank data linked to these payment methods, so FLIPPA BOAT does not know or record this data during the payment transaction or at any other time.


You will be able to issue your invoice in the payment process. To do so, you just have to check the “I want invoice” box when you select the delivery time for your purchase. Once the invoice has been requested and the purchase has been delivered, you will receive an email with the invoice attached. If you forget to do so, you can request the invoice by email until the 16th of the following month at the latest after making the purchase (Royal Decree 1496/2003).


www.flippaboat.eyes provides access to a multitude of information, services, programs or data (hereinafter, “the contents”) on the Internet belonging to FLIPPA BOAT or its licensors to which the USER may have access. The USER assumes responsibility for the use of the portal. This responsibility extends to the registration that is necessary to access certain services or content.

In said registration, the USER will be responsible for providing truthful and lawful information. As a consequence of this registration, the USER may be provided with a password for which they will be responsible, committing to make diligent and confidential use of it.

The USER undertakes to make appropriate use of the content and services (such as chat services, discussion forums or news groups) that FLIPPA BOAT offers through its portal and, by way of example but not limited to, not to use them. to (i) engage in illicit, illegal or activities contrary to good faith and public order; (ii) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal nature, advocating terrorism or violating human rights; (iii) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of FLIPPA BOAT, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or spread computer viruses on the network or any other physical or logical systems that are likely to cause the aforementioned damages; (iv) attempt to access and use the email accounts of other USERS and modify or manipulate their messages.


FLIPPA BOAT reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that attack youth or childhood, order or public safety or that, in its opinion, are not suitable for publication, in any case, FLIPPA BOAT will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by USERS through forums, chats, or other participation tools.


FLIPPA BOAT complies with the guidelines of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of Personal Data, Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of the Organic Law and others. regulations in force at all times, and ensures the correct use and processing of the USER's personal data. To this end, together with each form for collecting personal data, in the services that the USER may request from info@flippaboat.es, the USER will be informed of the existence and acceptance of the particular conditions of the processing of their data in each case, informing you of the responsibility for the file created, the address of the person responsible, the possibility of exercising your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, the purpose of the processing and communications of data to third parties, where applicable.

Likewise, FLIPPA BOAT informs that it complies with Law 34/2002 of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce and will request your consent to the processing of your email for commercial purposes at all times.

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