About flippa boat

More than a Service, an Unforgettable Experience at Sea


In Flippa Boat, a team of young sailing enthusiasts and experts, we are dedicated to providing you adventure marine exceptional. Our mission is clear: to offer personalized and superior sailing experiences that will resonate in your memory long after you have disembarked.

With a wide range of services that include from romantic outings to group excursions, our focus is to make each client feel unique and special, sharing with them the majesty and mystery of the sea.

Our Boat

The jewel of our fleet, the Flippa Boat, is a masterpiece of design and functionality. The Flippa Boat is not just a means of transportation; It is a platform to live memorable experiences at sea, combining safety and fun.

Capacity and Size

Capable of hosting up to 66 people, with an approximate length of 20 meters, perfect for large groups and private events.

Diversified Zones

  • Protected Interior Zone: Ideal to relax and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere.
  • Refreshing Foredeck: Experience the sea breeze and panoramic views.
  • Exclusive VIP Area on the Upper Deck: For a luxury experience with incomparable views.


Designed for both quiet daytime excursions and vibrant nighttime parties.

Prioritized Security

Equipped with the latest safety measures to ensure a smooth and worry-free trip.

  • At sea the first premise is safety, you can have a good time but always with responsibility.
  • Behave like a good cabin boy and always listen to the captain! If you don't want your party to end before it starts.
  • You must be attentive and always listen to the crew, so we can take care of you while you have fun.

Guaranteed Comfort

Well-thought-out and equipped spaces for maximum comfort during your marine experience.