In the heart of La Manga del Mar Menor, there is a nautical jewel that attracts sea enthusiasts from all over the world: the Tomás Maestre Marina. This is not just a mooring point for boats; It is a vibrant center of activity and beauty that offers an unforgettable experience to all its visitors.

Navigation and Connection

The port not only serves as a sanctuary for boats, but also as a vital connection point between La Manga and the rest of the region. The ferry connecting Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre with Santiago de la Ribera is a popular and convenient option to cross the Mar Menor.This ferry service not only provides an efficient means of transportation, but also offers a unique experience to enjoy the maritime landscape and the sea breeze. It is ideal for both residents and tourists who want to explore the region or simply enjoy a walk along the water. ç

Coastal Gastronomy

After a day on the water, nothing compares to enjoying local cuisine at one of the many restaurants that line the harbor. The flavors of the sea come to life in dishes like the Murcian caldero, a delicacy that combines rice, fresh fish and a touch of saffron. The terraces offer stunning sunset views, creating the perfect environment for relaxing and socializing.

Events and Community

The Tomás Maestre Marina is also a social and cultural center. Events ranging from regattas to food festivals are held throughout the year, attracting a diverse and enthusiastic community. It is a place where sailors' stories intertwine with tourists' laughter, creating a tapestry of shared experiences.

Commitment to Sustainability

Aware of its role in environmental conservation, the port strives to maintain sustainable practices. This includes the promotion of activities that respect the biodiversity of the Mar Menor and the promotion of a responsible sailing culture.

The Tomás Maestre Marina is more than a mere point on the map; It is a destination in itself. It offers a mix of adventure, relaxation and culture that makes it an essential place for any sea lover. Whether you are looking for adrenaline or serenity, here you will find a safe and exciting port that awaits you with open arms.