Cabo de Palos and La Manga del Mar Menor are two jewels of the Mediterranean that offer a unique experience for hiking lovers. With a mix of sea and land landscapes, these routes invite you to discover the natural and cultural beauty of the Region of Murcia.

1. Cabo de Palos Lighthouse Route We begin our adventure at the iconic Cabo de Palos Lighthouse, a historic landmark that has guided sailors for centuries. This coastal route takes us through hidden coves and pristine beaches, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean.

2. Path of the Coves Following the coastline, we find a series of quiet coves, ideal for those looking for a moment of peace away from the crowds. Cala Frida, Cala Diseño, Cala Escalera, Cala Reona are obligatory stops for any hiker.

3. Calblanque Regional Park The Calblanque Regional Park is a treasure of biodiversity. This route takes us through dunes, beaches and mountains, where we can observe a variety of endemic flora and fauna.

4. La Manga del Mar Menor La Manga is a strip of land that separates the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean. Walking through this area offers a unique perspective of two different bodies of water. The route from the Cabo de Palos Lighthouse to Punta de la Estrella is especially recommended at sunset.

5. The Marchamalo Salt Flats A landscape of contrasts where the land meets the sea. The Marchamalo Salt Flats are a protected space that is home to rich biodiversity, including birds such as flamingo, you can observe a unique sunset from this place.

6. Bridge of Laughter Finally, you cannot miss the Puente de la Risa at the end of La Manga. This bridge, with its steep slope, offers a fun experience and spectacular views of a small canal and the sea, reminiscent of a replica of Venice.

Cabo de Palos and La Manga, two Mediterranean pearls where each step is a story and each view, a sigh. Forget about maps, here the heart is the guide. Between legendary lighthouses and flamenco-flavored salt flats, each nature route is unique.

So put on your best sneakers and let yourself go. May the anecdotes flow like the sea breeze and may your memories be filled with laughter and blue horizons. And when the road ends, let it not be goodbye, but rather “see you next adventure.”