Diving is an activity that allows us to explore the hidden world underwater, where fascinating landscapes and living beings are found. However, not all places are the same to practice this hobby. There are some that stand out for their beauty, their biodiversity and their uniqueness. One of them is the Cabo de Palos marine reserve, located on the coast of Murcia, southeast of Spain.

The Cabo de Palos marine reserve was created in 1995 to protect an area of great ecological value, where the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor meet. It extends for about 1,900 hectares, ranging from Cape Palos to the Hormigas Islands, an archipelago made up of four islets and several rocky shallows.

The Cabo de Palos marine reserve is considered one of the best diving destinations in Europe, and even in the world, for several reasons. Firstly, for the richness and variety of its marine fauna and flora, which includes more than 600 species of animals and 400 of plants.

Secondly, due to the presence of numerous wrecks, that is, sunken ships, which have become authentic artificial reefs. Some of them are historical, such as the Sirio, an Italian ocean liner that sank in 1906 after colliding with the Fuera shoal, or the Naranjito, a Spanish cargo ship that sank in 1946 after an explosion. Others are more recent, such as the Carbonero, a 120-meter-long merchant ship that sank in 1989 after a fire. These wrecks are home to many species, such as rockfish, pollock, sunfish, amberjacks, groupers, moray eels, conger eels, octopuses, lobsters and nudibranchs.

Thirdly, for the quality and transparency of its waters, which allow good visibility and a pleasant temperature throughout the year. Diving in the Cabo de Palos marine reserve is possible both for beginners with their first diving certificate and for experts, taking into account that there are diving areas for all levels, from 10 to 60 meters deep. In addition, there are several diving centers that offer courses, equipment rentals, boat trips and professional guides.

Diving in the Cabo de Palos marine reserve is a unique and unforgettable experience, which allows us to discover an underwater paradise full of life and surprises. Without a doubt, it is a place that must be visited at least once in a lifetime, and that will make us feel respect and admiration for nature.

Here we leave you the most famous diving spots in the Islas Hormigas Marine Reserve. In the port of Cabo itself you will find several centers where you can start your adventure and we recommend AlbaDive, a small company that offers a closer and more flexible type of diving than we are used to. Far from crowds and crowds both outside and under the water, Albadive is tranquility and security.

Enjoy Cabo de Palos, its diving and its charming places, you will fall in love.