Weddings on the high seas

Getting Married on the High Seas: An Unforgettable Wedding in the Mediterranean or the Mar Menor

Have you ever dreamed of uniting your life with the person you love in a setting as vast and beautiful as the sea? At FlippaBoat, we offer you the opportunity to make that dream come true, celebrating your wedding in a unique and magical environment: aboard our boat, sailing through the waters of the Mediterranean or the Mar Menor.

A Dream Scenario

Imagine the most important day of your life, with the horizon as a backdrop and the gentle rolling of the waves as your soundtrack. The deep blue of the sea and sky come together to create an atmosphere of tranquility and romance that cannot be replicated on dry land.

Photographs that Capture the Moment

With the sea as a setting, your wedding photographs will be works of art. We have a photographer who will take the best photos on the best day of your life. The natural light of the sun reflecting off the water creates the perfect atmosphere to capture the love and happiness of your big day.

A Unique Experience for your Guests

Your loved ones will remember your wedding as an unforgettable experience. Beyond a ceremony, it is an adventure that they will share with you, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The FlippaBoat Team at your Service

Our team is dedicated to making your wedding perfect. With years of experience at sea, we will sail at sunset and you will enjoy the sound of the sea or the best music at your disposal since we have large speakers throughout the boat.

Start your Journey Together with an Adventure

Getting married on a boat is not just a wedding, it is the beginning of a great adventure together. By choosing the Mediterranean or the Mar Menor as your wedding location, you are choosing to begin your marriage with a bold and passionate declaration of love.

Contact us to Plan your Perfect Wedding

At FlippaBoat, we are ready to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Visit our website,, for more information and to start planning your big day.