Flippa Boat is a company dedicated to providing tours and parties services aboard a boat in the Mar Menor of Murcia. Aware of the importance of caring for the environment, especially the Mar Menor, its CEO, Manuel wants to publicize the importance of this place for the towns that live off it and how its deterioration has affected the surrounding economy.

The CEO of Flippa Boat is a person born and raised in the Murcia region. Since he was young he has enjoyed the natural beauties that the region offers, especially the Mar Menor. Years ago, he made his journey through the Mar Menor on a surfboard, but now he makes this same journey in his boat. This is why his love for the Mar Menor has increased and the creation of this company has been a way to share his love for this place with others.

The Mar Menor is a place of great natural beauty and great ecological value, as it is the largest saltwater lake in Europe. In addition, it is home to many species of flora and fauna that are typical of the place. The Mar Menor is also an important tourist site in the region, but in recent years it has suffered serious deterioration that has led to a critical state of conservation.

The situation of the Mar Menor has worried many inhabitants of the region and visitors who enjoy its beaches and its surroundings. The deterioration of the Mar Menor is due to pollution caused by different factors, such as intensive agriculture, uncontrolled urban planning and the lack of measures to control the entry of contaminated water into the Mar Menor.

Flippa Boat has recently been involved in bad news related to a macro party that took place in the Mar Menor. Although the company had nothing to do with this macro party, it has been affected by this news. That is why the company wants to emphasize the importance of caring for the Mar Menor and wants to vindicate the fight for its care and conservation.

The CEO has called on local authorities and citizens to join in the fight to care for the Mar Menor. He has expressed his commitment to environmental conservation and has indicated that the company is taking measures to minimize the environmental impact of its activities.

Among these measures, the implementation of sustainable practices in the company stands out, such as the use of biodegradable materials in its activities, the reduction of waste and the training of its workers in responsible environmental practices.

In addition, Flippa Boat is working together with other organizations and authorities to implement measures that contribute to the care and conservation of the Mar Menor. Efforts are being made to raise awareness

That is why our company, Flippa Boat, has been founded with a focus on sustainable tourism. We know that tourism is a major force in the region's economy, but we also know that it is vital that we do everything we can to preserve the ecosystem that makes it possible. For this reason, we are proud to say that all of our boat tour services are designed to minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Additionally, our company has taken measures to ensure that we are doing everything possible to protect the environment and preserve the ecosystem of the Mar Menor. We have established safety protocols for our boats, including regular cleaning and maintenance, and we are constantly monitoring the state of the water and ecosystem to ensure we are doing everything possible to minimize our impact.

In addition, we are committed to education and awareness about the importance of caring for the environment. As part of this commitment, we offer information to our clients about the importance of the Mar Menor ecosystem and encourage them to do their part to help protect it. We also partner with local organizations to conduct clean-up drives and other events to raise environmental awareness.
In short, at Flippa Boat, we are proud to be at the forefront of the sustainable tourism industry in the Mar Menor region. We are committed to caring for the environment and we strive to do everything