The Mar Menor, that jewel of the Mediterranean located in the Region of Murcia, is famous not only for its calm salt waters but also for housing five islands of volcanic origin that are a true natural and cultural treasure. These islands. which emerged at the end of the Pliocene, are today a tourist attraction and a biodiversity sanctuary. 

Baron Island (or Major Island)

Barón Island, the largest in the Mar Menor, is a refuge of history and nature. With an area of 94 hectares, it is a Natural Reserve and belongs to the Figueroa family since it is private. Since December 2023 we have an exclusivity with them and we do guided tours of this emblematic island in the Mar Menor.

Perdiguera Island

The second largest, Perdiguera Island, is known for its past full of partridges and its tomborization process that united it with Espartera Island. 

Deer Island

The southernmost and closest to La Manga, Isla del Ciervo, is accessible on foot and stands out for its fragile ecosystem. Until 2004, it was linked to the mainland, but to protect its environment, its insularity has been recovered.

Round Island

Redonda Island, although the smallest, is an important nesting place for waterfowl. Its ornithological importance is recognized and it is an example of the rich biodiversity of the Mar Menor.

Subject Island

Sujeto Island, closest to the coast in the remote and preserved Cala del Pino area, shows vegetation in better condition with species such as thyme and lavender, offering an aromatic and visually impressive landscape.

We offer you our two-hour excursion sailing around these islands with a tourist guide, it is not only a walk through the natural beauty, but also a journey through time and the history of the region. Each island tells its own story and together they form a fascinating chapter of the Mar Menor.

We invite everyone to discover these natural wonders with us. Our boat tour offers an unforgettable experience, where history, culture and nature intertwine to create memories that will last a lifetime. Visit our website for more information and book your adventure today.